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Fatties girl pick crush crush moist and uncencored for dances

Hobby instant finish 2. Surely many people have not been able to find the love of their lives up to now, we are often told that love will find us. But not everyone believes that saying, if so, then today I will give players a game used to prove that sentence.

Crush Crush Moist And Uncencored

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The Time Travel Glitch is exactly that. It's a glitch that allows you to effectively "time travel" and instantly gain a few days, months, or even years of progress in a matter of seconds. Time traveling is essentially done Animal Crossing-style. Then open up Crush Crush and revel in the glorious gains to your Money and Stats. Crush Crush Wikia Explore. Characters Girls Guys Cats?

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The menu does not change from there. Enchanted Scarf [2]. You can also buy more gifts at the same time, in quantities of 5, 10, 25, 50,1, 1k10, 10k, kor 1, 1M. The cost per affection rates generally become less favorable as gifts become more expensive.

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Mystic Slippers [2]. Crush Crush Wikia Explore.

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The gift menu changes when you transform a guy from fully animal to partially human. This would sometimes cause the upper "Pay" button to not activate, even if you had enough money to pay for the gifts, because of the additional shipping fee.

Finding a job

Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Three of the four most expensive gifts, unlocked with the Wizard job, give around one tenth of the affection for the same cost as the least expensive gift, Shells.

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Gifts are accessible once you reach Frenemy rank with any character and allow you to spend money or diamonds purchasing items for them in exchange for affection. Index Add category.

Fearless cheat engine

Magic Candles [2]. Community Official Links Back.

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This is balanced by the fact that 1 expensive gift e. Bewitched Jam [2].

Some relationship levels require gifts to progress, but you are still awarded the full amount of affection you'd have received giving it freely which makes giving required gifts and dates before working on building up affection a valid and efficient strategy - sometimes, the value of the offering will exceed their affection requirements for that level, completing two goals at the same time! This has since been removed, so you only need to pay the exact amount of money that the gifts require.

Explore Wikis Community Central. At x1 reset boost, giving gifts has a second cooldown.